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" It brings me joy to help students excel in college application essays."

I will help your student to feel confident about his or her writing abilities, to hone his or her voice, and to learn to listen to his or her own feelings, hopes and dreams.

Your Story

Anna's Journey

Anna's steps to finding her own voice:
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Harris' Journey

Harris had a different path - he was able to tie together several different strands of his story into a coherent whole.







In every case, we start with Your Story. We End with Your Story. We give support, guidance and encouragement during the course of the essay journey.

Our Testimonials

Thanks for all your help. Your suggestion to change the topic of her essay, and your encouragement and editing support along the way, resulted in something that reflected R's voice, creativity and self-awareness. Most importantly, it's something she feels proud of and confident about.

- Parent of Admitted Cornell Student

When students find their authentic expression, admission to the college that suits them often follows naturally.

My son enjoyed working with Mr. Shapiro during this extremely competitive year of 2020 with record numbers of applicants.


Mr. Shapiro is a genuinely gifted writing coach who helped organize my son’s own ideas of what truly makes him unique, helping him to stand out to the college admissions committee.


Our son was accepted to his early decision choice of NYU, with 2021 record low acceptance rates of just 12%.

We highly recommend Jonathan!

A good writing coach guides and brings out the best of a student's own ideas and experiences.

Jonathan, she got a hand-written note from the regional admissions officer from Stanford, which said, "I re-read your essays three times, which I really don't have time to do. You are so passionate about your beliefs I knew we had to take you halfway through reading your application."

- Parent of Admitted Stanford Student

Standing out from the crowd of applicants means having the courage to state your deeply held views honestly. That is a lesson for college and for life.

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